AAERO is pleased to announce the Golf Cart Rental Myrtle Beach launch in Sept 2022.

Golf Cart Rental Myrtle Beach is a 3rd party platform that allows golf-cart renters to seek competitive bids from area golf cart rental providers. When golf cart rental companies compete, the consumer always wins.

Golf Cart Rental Myrtle Beach is simple. All you need to do is visit GolfCartRentalMyrtleBeach.com, and add your requirements such as pickup day, drop-off day, location, and need (6 seaters, 4 seater,s etc). From there, the platform will do the rest and shoot off the request to multiple golf cart rental providers to compete on pricing.

“Golf Cart Rentals in the Myrtle Beach Area have huge demand,” said CEO, Sean Hakes. “Price gouging is out of control so we created this consumer-friendly portal that allows renters to get the best price and service – period,” he concluded.