AAERO is pleased to announce the launch of our professional live streaming service, South Carolina Live.

South Carolina Live is an online broadcast service that provides professional live streaming for public and private events. Whether you’re hosting a holiday parade, a concert or a wedding – South Carolina Live can help.

Public Events – Live Streaming

South Carolina Live offers varying packages for event coordinators for public events. Whether a parade, fair, carnival, council meeting or any type of public event.

Investment: The cost to host your live stream will be dependent on how many camera angles you need, the length of the stream and internet connectivity. We also offer carrying SaaS services such as paid access streams and more.

Free Streaming: Your public event may qualify for free streaming by South Carolina Live. To recoup our cost, the event must be a notable event (such as a parade etc) and have the flexibility to sell noninvasive ads throughout the stream.

Private Event – Live Streaming

Pricing for a private event is similar to a public event. Pricing is based on the equipment need, internet connectivity, stream length and event type. South Carolina Live also has the ability to incorporate protected viewing and can stream up to 20 destinations simultaneously (YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, LinkedIn, Instagram among other destinations).

Our Capabilities

  • Full HD, 4K and 6K Streaming Capabilities
  • Immersive 360°, VR & 3D Streaming Available
  • Aerial Live Stream Coverage
  • Stream to up to 20 platforms at once!

If you’re interested in learning more about our Live Streaming capabilities or to get a live streaming quote, please email [email protected] today.