About AAERO Pilot’s Club

Innovation in Aviation - #AAEROLife

At AAERO, our slogan is ‘Elevating Aviation.’ We asked private pilots about the most flight probative issues in aviation and the responses were consistent and overwhelming.
AAERO has partnered with PRO General Aviation businesses like FBO’s and destination businesses to help elevate the financial strain on private pilots. Our partners have agreed to offer our members discounts on fuel, maintenance, storage as well as tourist destinations like the Great Wolf Lodge.

In addition to a growing number of discounts for our club members, AAERO is taking 50% of every dollar we receive and put it into an investment fund. Our goal is to launch PRO General Aviation maintenance facilities and flight school’s around the nation by 2020 with the idea of making GA inviting, fun, cost-prohibitive and much more.

Our Vision

To drastically improve the general aviation industry by simplifying the delivery of information and promoting economic growth within general aviation sectors.

Our Mission

To help every general aviation business be equipped with the latest technology, software automation and marketing strategies to directly affect the bottom line, and improve the industry as a whole.

Our History

AAERO™ is owned and operated by Altitude Agency, a pilot owned digital marketing firm with over a decade of experience and success succeeding online.


Sean Hakes
Founder, CEO, PPL
sean (@) aaero.com

Nate Cupps
Aviation Director, SEL, MEL, COMM, AGI, IGI
[email protected]

Rachel Doherty 
Membership Director
[email protected]

Ed Good
General Manager
[email protected]