Things to do in Casper, WY: Aviation Musuem

Things to do in Casper, WY: Aviation Musuem

Good Aviation & Veterans Museum 

Where to find us 8220 Fuller St, Casper, WY 82604 [ Click for Directions ]
Schedule a tour or event rental(307) 259-5910

Upcoming Events: Good Aviation & Veterans Museum Fly-in/Drive-In Grand Opening – August 18th

AAERO Aviation is thrilled to be the operator of Wyoming Aviation Hall-of-Fame Pilot, Jim Good’s WWII ‘Good Warbirds’ Museum.

When you visit AAERO Aviation, Good Warbirds Museum you’ll get taken back in 1939. On display includes a variety of WWII items including military uniforms, a WW2 Advanced Fighter Training, a P34 and more!

Jim was inducted into the Wyoming Aviation Hall of Fame in 2016 for his lifetime contributions to aviation in the Cowboy State.  Before he passed away in April 2016 Jim told his son, Ed Good, that he would like his private Good Warbird Aviation Museum in Casper to remain open to the public.  Wyoming Wildcatter is a vital part of the museum and of Jim’s aviation legacy.


Victory for Veterans

We aren’t a “cause” that is going to pass. We don’t dress up in silly costumes, we don’t damage people’s property or livelihood. We don’t litter our Nation’s streets with trash. We are the defenders of our Country, and that is how we will conduct ourselves. As Veterans, we will show America that we matter, and we will do so in a manner that brings credit upon ourselves and our services.


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