Centennial Airport

Centennial Airport, CO (KAPA)

Centennial Airport is located in Centennial, Colorado is one of Colorado’s best kept secrets. Centennial Airport offers everything from regional travel, excellent viewing parked, departing and arriving aircraft to some of Colorado’s best restaurant, The Perfect Landing.

Location: 7800 S Peoria St, Englewood, CO 80112 [ Click for Directions ]
Phone Number: 303-790-0598 [ Click to call ]

Things to do around Centennial Airport:

Centennial Airport is centrally located just a stone’s throw away from downtown Denver. It’s nestled in one of Denver’s most desired neighborhoods and is surrounded by pubs, golf, restaurants, hotels and much more. Click below to learn more.

  • Car Rentals
  • Restaurants
  • Golf
  • Restaurants & Pubs
  • Coffee Shops
  • Shopping

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Learn to Fly

Learn to fly, or get advancement training. Browse flight schools & programs @ KAPA.


Centennial Airport offers an abundance of services for pilots. Learn more about Centennial Airport FBO’s here.

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