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According to Amazon currently sells more than 12 million products. If you extend that to the Amazon Marketplace, the number jumps to a staggering 350 million products. Crazy right? How are you as an Amazon webstore owner supposed to stand out in, well Amazon?

The obvious answer is by levering Amazon’s advertising platform. The downside to leveraging Amazon’s advertising platform is its expensive and if you stop advertising, your business could drop to virtually nothing.

Well, we’ve got a confession to make. Since 2001 – our search engine optimization experts have been quietly creating and testing the most epic, underground and unique Amazon SEO program that allows you to capture significant market share using Google search.  

Shocking right? The truth is, there are very few Amazon webstore owners who are leveraging search engine optimization as a tactic. Sure, there are some things you can do ‘organically’ to rank higher within Amazon’s search engine but there are also things you can do to capture significant market share in Google.

Think about it. In most cases it’s easier and faster to use Google to search for a product and click on the first Amazon result. Just think about it – with the overlap that comes with 350 million products, you could be the search result in Google for all of the traffic looking for the specific products you sale. If you think Amazon is a powerful tool, just wait until you see how much your volume can skyrocket when your webstore outranks the rest in Google.

How does Amazon SEO Services Work?

Theoretically, optimizing your Amazon store for search isn’t much different than optimizing your own website except for this very important detail; Amazon’s site authority (in Google’s eyes) is pretty much unmatched so your SEO campaign will be leveraging one of, if not the most authoritative websites on earth. The only difference is we need to redirect that site authority from the other organically ranking stores to yours.

This is where AAERO is miles above the rest. With 19 years of experience, there really isn’t anyone else in the market that has more experience than AAERO. Our team of Amazon SEO Experts have decades of experience in both Amazon webstore on-page SEO as well as the perfect blend of link development to help your store become a rising star in search.

Sure, there are a lot of people that offer ‘Amazon SEO Services’ but the fact is, no one can come close to matching our results. We’re so confident of our abilities we’re willing to guarantee our services.  

What is A9?

A9, Amazon’s proprietary search algorithm, matches products with users’ search inputs. This scan-and-index formula determines a large part of your product’s visibility on

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