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Marty Erzinger: 45 Years of Supporting CU

Today, philanthropist and investing paragon Martin ‘Marty’ Erzinger owns and operates Sanctuary Advisors, a comprehensive wealth advisory consultancy in Denver, Colorado. 

45 years ago, however, Marty’s life was starkly different. 

In the late 1970s, Marty Erzinger was playing collegiate-level football for the University of Colorado Buffaloes, known affectionately by fans as the ‘CU Buffs’. 

Because of his academic and athletic prowess, Marty had earned himself a full-ride sports scholarship at the university, an achievement that would set the stage for more than four decades of unwavering support of this 144-year-old Colorado institution. 

Throughout the years, Marty has played an active, ardent role in contributing to the university through fundraising, recruiting, and financial support. And, when you realize just how formative Marty Erzinger’s college experience was for him, his career, and his family, you begin to understand why he continues to maintain a die-hard allegiance to CU. 

From Football Coach to Wall Street Whiz

When Marty was playing football for CU in the Fall of 1978, there was a critical shuffle of the coaching deck as a result of a career-ending injury. 

This administrative change meant that Marty Erzinger had a decision to make: he could either ‘check out’ of the athletic program and continue his scholarship through academic pursuits, or he could go to work as a coach and recruiter for the CU Buffs. 

Fatefully, Marty chose the latter. 

That season, Marty became an undergraduate assistant and took on responsibilities related to in-state recruiting. If you were a prospective CU Buffs football player in the 1978/1979 school year, Marty was the one who arranged your visit to the campus and facilitated your interaction with the coaches. 

This line of work was a significant departure from the professions Marty’s parents chose. His father was a construction worker, and his mother was a medical technician. But, because of Marty’s personable attitude towards the parents of CU Buffs football recruits, he quickly found a fit as a kind of salesperson for the university. 

However, there was a problem: Marty’s scholarship had run out. 

Distraught and on edge about his academic future, Marty made an appeal to then-Athletic Director of the CU Buffs, Eddie Crowder. Marty recalls the conversation as if it took place yesterday…he asked Eddie Crowder to pay for his last year of schooling, and if he did, Marty promised to repay the favor after he entered the working world. 

Eddie agreed. 

Self-Made for Stocks

In the summer of 1979, at the impressionable age of 21, Marty Erzinger made a remarkable transition to Wall Street. A family friend had arranged for him to interview with a company that was integral to the operation of the New York Stock Exchange. 

Even though Marty knew nothing of high-stakes stock market investing, he learned all he could by visiting the exchange, reading every shred of information he could find, and internalizing all of it in record time. 

Marty Erzinger had been reborn as a stock market savant. Looking back on it, Marty recalls that it was his experience as a recruiter for the CU Buffs that set him up for success as a salesperson. 

Time to Give Back

In 1982, Marty was hired by a financial firm that offered a matching grant program. That year, the CU Buffs football team went 1-and-10 during their regular season—a record that didn’t make supporting the school’s football program all that enticing. 

But, Marty never forgot the promise he made to Eddie Crowder three years prior. So, beginning in 1982, Marty Erzinger began donating $10,000+ per year, every year, to the CU Buffs football scholarship program. Initially, these donations were matched dollar-for-dollar by Marty’s employer. 

This support continued for 25 years

Even if Marty’s support of CU stopped there, it would easily be considered monumental. However, Marty and his wife Suzie Erzinger would go on to send five students through CU, supplementing their tuition and further supporting the school by proxy. 

In 1994, Marty Erzinger was asked to be on the investment committee within the CU Foundation Board, where he actively assisted with fundraising efforts until 2010. During this time, Marty served as a director and a trustee for two, four-year terms. 

While serving on the Board, Marty would meet his wife Suzie through a mutual friend. Suzie’s mother was an Olympic skater in the 1940s, and Suzie herself was a collegiate diver at the University of Michigan. The two shared a love for college-level athletics that naturally brought them together. 

After setting up an endowment to raise money from the CU Buffs Class of Champions (the 1975-1977 Buffs football team roster), and after having sent all five football players through CU degree programs, it would be easy for Marty Erzinger to be satisfied with his lifelong support of the university. 

But, as is true to form for Marty, his dedicated support of the University of Colorado continues to this day. In his own words, Marty Erzinger says, “I’m a lifelong supporter of CU. I always have been, and I always will be.”


New Social Media Platform Designed to Help America’s Travel Full-Time in an RV

DENVER, Colo — Full Time RVing today announced the launch of its social media platform designed to help Americans see America in an RV this year.

“ is a social media platform designed to help connect and better the lives of Full-Time RVers by making connections designed around income,” said Sean Michael, Chief Information Officer, at “One of the biggest questions asked in RV forms is how to make money so individuals and families can explore America in an RV and not only meet but exceed their financial obligations.”

Full Time RVing helps connect freelancers with gigs, job seekers with ‘full-time friendly jobs,’ and content creators with unique affiliate marketing opportunities. In addition, Full-Time RVing paid members to have access to coaching which includes assistance in starting virtual small-businesses and making passive income through various other ideas and strategies.

“The RV industry has an endless amount of opportunities,” said Michael. Membership services like Harvest Hosts and RV product retailers like Camping World will pay you to market their products, services, and memberships.”

RVers are known for their YouTube channels, Instagram profiles, and Facebook pages, some of which have tens of thousands of followers. Recently, did a review on the Speedway Leger, an electric scooter which in a few short months has generated over 8,000 views in a few short months. is taking things a step further by allowing content creators to leverage the traffic and search engine power to promote their reviews ultimately giving them a platform to thrive.


How to Remove a Bad YouTube Video from Google, YouTube

Finding an unflattering YouTube video in Google’s search engine result pages, or even on YouTube itself can be detrimental to your reputation and livelihood. Over the years we’ve had a lot of individuals and businesses alike contact us because of negative video content online. We’ve seen negative content placed by competitors with disparaging, false information all the way to embarrassing videos from one’s youthful, wild past on an uncontrolled or rouge account.

Can a YouTube Video Be Removed?

Yes! YouTube videos in many cases can be removed but getting it accomplished can be a tricky task. For example; copyright infringement claims resulting in a DMCA takedown request or finding a hole through a violation of YouTubes Terms of Service.

If a YouTube Video Cannot Be Removed, What’s Next?

If you cannot remove a YouTube video due to non-actionable TOS violations etc, AAERO leverages a highly concentrated, proven method to burry the offending content so far down in YouTube and/or Google Search Engine Result pages the likelihood someone will see it is sparse.

Let’s take Camping World as an example. The term “Camping World” according to SEM Rush generates over 2.2 million searches per month.

At AAERO, our Search Engine Optimizations know algorithms (especially Google etc) very well and we can ‘feed the beast.’ Feed the beast (Google) the food it needs to replace the negative content online.

Feeling motivated? Give us a call today at 303-731-6588 or email [email protected] for more info.


Marty Erzinger Pledges Endowment for Vital Economic Club Membership

If you haven’t heard about the Economic Club of Colorado, it’s time you do.

Richard Wobbekind has a long list of accolades. 

very long list. 

Richard is the Associate Dean for Business & Government Relations, Senior Economist and Faculty Director of the Business Research Division at the University of Colorado Boulder

He’s also the past president of the National Association for Business Economics, and he’s responsible for producing the quarterly Leeds Business Confidence Index for Colorado—a crucial economic bellwether that is relied upon by hundreds if not thousands of business owners, economic planners, and community leaders throughout the state.

You get the point: Richard Wobbekind has an immense amount of intellectual capital when it comes to curating the economic picture of Colorado. 

However, prior to 2020, the genius of Richard Wobbekind was largely relegated to the walls of academia. That is until Denver-area philanthropist and private wealth manager Martin “Marty” Erzinger saw an opportunity to help connect Richard and his insights to a much broader, farther-reaching audience. 

What would happen next would drastically enhance economic forecasting in Colorado, by any measure? 

To read more about this release and Marty Erzinger visit


The Complete Guide to Removing Negative News Articles

Have you searched for your name or your business and found unflattering news articles online? Bad news articles can linger on the web for many years and haunt you or your business indefinitely.


CALL: 303-731-6588

The good news is, you don’t have to let negative news ruin your life. While some suggest there is no real remedy to recover from a bad online reputation after a negative media attack – there are ways to clear your name, or your businesses name.

Will News Website’s Delete Content?

99% of the time, news websites will refuse to delete negative content. For one, deleting or changing original news content is a journalism ‘no no’ and in fact, some professional organizations will ban journalist from membership if it’s known they change or delete content as it negatively affects journalistic integrity, so they say.

Luckily, if a news website refuses to take down their negative content about you or your business, we still have options.

Negative SEO

Negative SEO has become a popular service as of late. Negative SEO is a service designed to ‘trick’ major search engines like Google into thinking a particular website is violating their webmaster guidelines in hopes that the search engine or engines will penalize the page resulting in it being dropped from their search engine result pages.

Does Negative SEO work? Rarely. In addition, it can have the reverse effective ultimately helping the offending page/site rank better.

Recently, a client came to us because an ex-employee had built a defamatory website about them. The client hired a ‘Negative SEO Specialist’ who built thousands of links to the offending website hoping that Google would penalize it, but the opposite happened. The negative website ranked better, and was more powerful (in search engines eyes) then ever before.

Online Reputation Management

The safest and most effective form of removal isn’t actually even removal. Online Reputation Management leverages highly sophisticated search engine optimization strategies combined with a mass influx of media distribution strategy. The result of this includes a mass influx of positive news saturation combined with an effective search engine optimization strategy designed to improve the search engine placement of positive results while ultimately burying the negative news pages. This tactic is the fastest, most effective, and most efficient way to bury negative press.

At AAERO we work with a variety of clients coming from vast situations and backgrounds essentially, to restore their good reputation through effective and ethical processes. While many “Online Reputation Management” provides deal mainly with review management, we specialize in the removal and/or suppression of highly authoritative websites from Google and other search engines. This is one of the reasons that AAERO has grown to be the premier partner for many PR firms, reputation management and even SEO companies when it comes to cleaning up ones reputation.

Terms of Use Violations

Another effective way we’ve been able to get articles removed from the internet are from Terms of Use service violations. Due to our deep understanding of T.O.S and how search engines work, we are able to in many cases make a case that a particular page, or website violates T.O.S in one way or another and get that particular article deleted.

Copyright Infringement

In many times, publishers and or writers violate various copyright laws therefore AAERO may pursue a DMCA takedown request. Ultimately, this involves proving copyright infringement and having Google or the respective publisher delete the content in question.

At AAERO, we have a lot of tools in our toolbox to get content suppressed or removed. We encourage you to contact us at the email below to see if AAERO is right for you!

Questions? Email [email protected] today.

News Releases
News Releases

Kelly Kosky | Kelly Kosky Fights Predator

For Immediate Release

In 2018, Kelly Kosky had been actively carrying out Christian missionary work in the Transkei region of South Africa for more than 30 years. 

At the time, his churches and organizations were responsible for positively changing the lives of thousands of native people throughout the southern tip of Africa. Even during the apartheid era and within the ensuing grip of rampant racism, Kelly Kosky’s ministry fought ardently to spread the Christian gospel to those who needed it most: impoverished, misled natives dealing with unimaginable daily suffering. 

To say that Kelly Kosky had enough on his plate as it was would be an understatement. There were already enough enemies to contend with, not the least of which was the HIV/AIDS epidemic that was killing millions of Africans every year. 

However, a new enemy would surface that would blindside Kelly Kosky and his ministry in a way that he could have never expected. 

This enemy took the form of a spiritual wolf in sheep’s clothing. This enemy was a sexual predator who had set his sights on South Africa. 

An Encounter with Evil

During a trip back to the United States, in 2017, Kelly Kosky was preaching at a small country church in Montana. 

After delivering a powerful sermon, Kelly was approached by a young man in his early 30’s. This young man immediately endeared himself to Kelly with praises of all of the outstanding missionary work that Kelly Kosky Ministries was responsible for carrying out in Transkei, South Africa. 

Not only was this man a huge fan of Kelly’s missionary work, he wanted to be a part of it. Over 18 months, this young man (hereto after named ‘Marcus’—not his real name) convinced Kelly that he was prepared and motivated to move his entire family, consisting of a wife and six young children, to South Africa so that they may further the missionary work Kelly Kosky spearheaded more than 30 years ago. 

This kind of commitment is scarce. To move to a third-world country with a large, young family in tow would have required immense resources, cultural adjustments, and plenty of prepared accommodations. 

But, Marcus was earnest. He even went so far as to give Kelly Kosky a 30-year commitment; he insisted on making this move. 

There was only one request Marcus had: he wanted to be placed in the most remote area of the region—somewhere he could transplant his family as far away from civilization as possible. 

After thoughtful consideration, Kelly Kosky convened with the leadership of the ministry, and the decision was made to proceed in sending Marcus and his family to South Africa. 

This would prove to be the beginning of a horrific saga replete with abuse, deceit, manipulation, and mind-bending child victimization.

The First 90 Days In

After all of the arrangements had been made, Marcus, his wife, and their six children were all flown down to South Africa to begin their new lives as dedicated Christian missionaries. 

Kelly Kosky and his Christian colleagues had provided this young family with everything they needed to establish themselves in this new land. Food, shelter, local tribal connections everything was handled for them. It’s safe to say that Kelly and his ministry trusted Marcus and did everything to enable his success. 

This was when things took a turn for the worse. 

As soon as Marcus and his family hit the ground, they left with haste for the furthest, most remote village Marcus could find. Furthermore, Marcus’ communication with the ministry was concerningly sparse. Updates were rare. Emails and phone calls were even infrequent and vague. 

What was going on here?

Why would this young man and his family of six young children (all aged nine or younger) suddenly fall off the radar and ‘go black’ without notice? 

What happened to all Marcus’ promises of working tirelessly to spread the Christian gospel to the Xhosa people of South Africa? 

The answers would come in the form of an email Kelly Kosky received from Marcus, after just a few short weeks of his move to the region. 

The Shocking Confession

One morning, Kelly Kosky awoke to find an email in his inbox. An email from Marcus. 

Marcus regretfully confessed that he and his family had an ongoing problem with systemic sexual abuse and child molestation. At first, Marcus blamed what was happening on his children. As bizarre as that seemed, Kelly Kosky and other missionary leaders began pleading with Marcus to return to the United States to sort all of this out. 

As Kelly Kosky’s ministry was reeling from this, Kelly realized that he had an obligation to protect those children in any way he could. As required by law, Kelly Kosky reported this child abuse to the authorities, both domestic and international, by disclosingMarcus’ situation, including details of admitted child sexual abuse. It was first reported to Child Protection Services, then later reported to the U.S. State Department. 

Even the F.B.I. became involved. 

This debacle had grown to become a toxic, frustrating distraction from Kelly Kosky’s goal of saving lives and spreading the gospel. 

All because Kelly placed his trust in the wrong person. 

The Ministry Today

Even though court-authorized authorities had removed the children from his custody, Marcus was able to avoid arrest and stay out of reach from law enforcement.

In the months leading up to 2020, Kelly Kosky Ministries found itself in the throes of an international sexual abuse scandal that no one could have predicted. 

Even today, the fight rages on against Marcus and his deceptive practices. 

There is an old African saying that says, “You must trust and believe in people, or life becomes impossible.” Life in the tribal regions of Africa can be very difficult and dangerous. In African culture, ‘trust’ is a requirement for survival.

Dr. Sebe, the director of African Christian Ministries, tells Kelly Kosky that he needs to “be wise as a serpent, but harmless as a dove” (K.J.V.; Matthew 10:16). 

As a Christian missionary, Kelly Kosky maintains a trust that he has learned from the Xhosa people. 

But, he is continually working on being wiser in leading the mission forward, even in light of such difficult trials. Today, Kelly maintains an ardent focus on the future, ever still committing himself to fight against Marcus’ ongoing efforts to bring down the mission by assassinating the character of the missionary. 

For more information please visit:

Stressed businesswoman Frustrated and upset in business pressure

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Everyone has an online reputation. Unfortunately, you may have made an embarrassing mistake in your past or present resulting in unflattering search engine results. Or, perhaps you have a competitor or an unscrupulous person from the past that has put out negative PR or even defamatory websites designed to destroy your livelihood.

Online Reputation Management allows you to take control of your reputation online. This can be how you appear in major search engines like Google or even review websites like Yelp and others. ORM allows you to break the vicious cycle that comes with ignoring your online reputation whereas you’ve fallen victim to an endless cycle of misinformation and rumors.

Online Reputation Management comes in various forms so it’s crucial to know who might be the best partner for you.

Review Management (General ORM)

Does your business have a never ending supply of negative reviews on popular directories like Yelp, CitySearch or others? This type of Online Reputation Management typically includes setting up a review solicitation platform as well as moderation and/or removal of bad reviews when possible. Whether your competitor is trying to take you out of business, or a customer is recruiting all of their friends to leave harsh reviews you’ll want to be prepared to spend the time necessary to combat the damage.

Search Engine Reputation Management

Search Engine Reputation Management (SERm) is what AAERO specializes in. Unlike Review Management, SERm requires deep technical understanding of how algorithms work and rank websites. The search engine result pages could contain bad publicity either directly, or indirectly related to your brand. When someone performs a Google search, they’ll likely see something that will make them think twice about working with you, or your brand.

Regardless of your needs, AAERO can help you. We’re happy to provided you with a confidential, non-judgmental consultation. Call now at 303-731-6588.