Aviation Scholarships

2018 Scholarship Recipient — Congratulations to Stacy White of Ocean Springs city, Missippi for winning the 2018 GA PPL Scholarship!


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AAERO is on a mission to make flying more fun, and affordable. Therefore we’ve adapted a scholarship program designed to financially support students of aviation achieve the next milestone in their certification or aviation goals. Our 2017 scholarship program is closed however, you can apply for our $1,000 aviation scholarship that will be announced in March of 2018 by filling out the application below. Please include the following information:

  • Are you a student or PPL?
  • What certification or rating are you hoping to advance to?
  • What flight school do you currently attend?
  • Are you a current AAERO member? (Not required)
  • When should AAERO select you over other applicants? Tell us your story in the most impactful way you can.

APPLICATION for $1,000 Scholarship for 2019