Finding the right web design partner can be a daunting task. As small business owners, we are price cautious, but we also want the job done right. When it comes to website design, there seem to be a zillion different choices of platforms including WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, and others. To complicate things even more, you get SEO providers who will tell you one platform is less search engine friendly than others, so where should you start?

Each content management system has its pros and cons but in the end, the content management system won’t really make or break your SEO efforts. What will the SEO company you choose the partner with and how do you decide to leverage your platform. Most of the larger platforms are SEO-friendly so don’t get taken back by an SEO who’s trying to sell you on something he or she is comfortable with.

Through our search for a reputable partner, we found one local Myrtle Beach Web Design firm we’re excited about. First, they are experts across multiple platforms which means they will help you pick one that is good for you. Selecting a platform is really based on your intended needs. For example; do you plan on hosting an eCommerce store? If so, how many products do you plan on having? Or, are you a small brick-and-mortar shop that wants to manage your site yourself with ease? I get it — you aren’t an expert in web design and you’re relying on an expert to guide you along the way but when reality kicks in, that expert is really throwing you into something that fits their narrative — not yours.

Best Myrtle Beach Web Designer

Website Simpler

Location: 14361 Ocean Hwy Suite 1A, Pawleys Island, SC 29585
Phone: (843) 279-4558

Website designers tend to enjoy hanging out in their offices. They rarely like to meet with their clients in person. This is one of the things we like most about Website Simpler. They enjoy meeting with their clients and potential clients in person so much that they opened up a retail space for just that.

Located inside the Litchfield Collective, clients can drop in without an appointment and meet with a specialist. Thinking about adding something new to your site and not sure how to do it? No problem. Considering upgrading into an SEO, or paid search campaign? No problem. Need coaching on how to do some things on your own? No problem!

In addition to being incredibly accessible, Website Simpler is 100% cost-effective with professional website design packages as low as $1,295 and hosting for $49 for self-managed or $149 fully-managed which includes up to 30 min of free updates each month.

Expertise Matters

When you hire a web designer, you want someone who knows how to code. This is huge, especially for a successful SEO campaign which requires a deep technical understanding of server issues, load times, and other important SEO factors. The experts at Website Simpler started building websites over 21 years ago and have experience across multiple platforms which will ensure you get the right fit.

Feeling motivated? Don’t take our word for it. Check out today or drop-in and say hello to them in person at the Litchfield Collective in Pawleys Island.

Good luck, and happy website hunting!