There’s no better way to start your morning then dropping into Centennial Airport’s best kept secret, The Perfect Landing Restaurant. Located inside the Denver jetCenter at  7625 S Peoria S in Englewood you’re guaranteed a great time. Besides delivering some of the best breakfast, lunch and dinner I’ve had, you’re greeted with large floor to ceiling windows that give you an exception view of parked, departing and aircraft taking off. 

Chicken Fried Steak for Breakfast at The Perfect Landing Restaurant

AAERO enjoys The Perfect Landing restaurant so much, we’ve made it our ‘go-to’ restaurant for Christmas Parties and staff events.

This morning, I had the opportunity to have a ‘business meal’ with Rachel Doherty & Nate Cupps of AAERO. Nate and I enjoyed Chicken Fried Steak while Rachael selected the delicious ‘Perfect Landing Breakfast.’

Regardless of the occasion, you’re guaranteed a great morning, day or night at The Perfect Landing Restaurant. The prices are fantastic, the food is even better and its an overall great time for the entire family.

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