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Reputation SEO™ vs. Reputation Management

Reputation SEO™ is a term our sister agency coined in 2014 which later turned into a brand launch in 2015 with The term itself was created to better define what we in comparison to the better known, reputation management.

Reputation SEO™ vs. Reputation Management

One of the most common questions we get is regarding the differences between Reputation SEO™ and its better-known sister, Reputation Management.

In most cases, Reputation Management firms focus on the solicitation and management of online reviews. These services generally rely on software like Yext, Podium, Birdeye among others. Reputation Management software solutions like these help automate review management and solicitation for businesses.

Reputation SEO™ is quite a bit different. While Reputation Management focuses on online reviews, Reputation SEO™ focuses on the removal or suppression of content that can be found in search engines. This type of service requires in-depth knowledge of how search engines like Google rank, or de-rank websites. Reputation SEO™ is often combined with Crisis Communications which includes brand messaging, content marketing and press release distribution.

When offending content cannot be removed, Reputation SEO™ optimizes multiple websites and content for the brand or persons name which ultimately reduces the offending websites visibility and its chance to be scene.


How to Remove a Mugshot from the Internet / Google (Step-by-Step Guide)

If you’ve been arrested you might be surprised to see your mugshot floating around the internet. The publishing location of your mugshot plays a critical role in whether you can remove the mugshot, or simply suppress it. 

Innocence Doesn’t Matter

Regardless of opinion, no one can guarantee the removal of your mugshot regardless if you were proven innocent, or found guilty.  In order to better understand your chances of getting the mugshot removed, you need to understand more about the site it’s published to. 

  1. Mugshot Aggregates: Mugshot Aggregators scrape public records and publish mugshots to their site. Many will accept a fee to remove the mugshot, others will not. 
  2. News Websites: In order to keep varying journalist integrity standards, news websites will in most cases, not remove, alter or change websites or articles. If your record has been expunged a lawyer might be able to help you. Hiring a lawyer to have your mugshot removed from the internet can be very costly and results are not usually guaranteed. AAERO has a plethora of ‘outside of the box tools available to remove mugshots from the internet. If one of those solutions isn’t a good fit for your situation, we can burry the article leveraging our proprietary search engine optimization tactics.

Why Denver PR Firms Partner with AAERO

Do you own a Denver PR Firm? AAERO offers our PR partners extraordinary outsourced online reputation management services that are second to none. Read on to see if AAERO is a good fit for your firm.

What We Do

Most “Online Reputation Management” companies simply offer review management and review mitigation. At AAERO, while we do handle some review management, the majority of what we do is focused on repairing search engine result pages for clients who’ve been on the receiving end of bad press. Secondly, at AAERO we are experts in search engines. We know and constantly test algorithms and have developed proven methods to substantially reduce the visibility of offending content in major search engines.

We Make Great Referral Partners

Due to our search engine visibility and our reputation, clients and potential clients alike are frequently asking for PR Firm referrals! When AAERO refers a client, we do not ask for a finders fee, or commission. We simply ask that the referral is taken care of.

Finally, AAERO is committed to taking care of your customers. We understand that it’s your reputation on the line and you’ve entrusted us with a lot so it’s our commitment to make sure you look like rock starts for the referral.

We Offer

  • Clear & Transparent Reporting
  • Clear & Transparent Pricing
  • Exceptional Customer Services
  • Flat Rate Fees, No Contracts, Month-to-month Services

If you’re a local PR firm and are interested in talking more please take a few moments and email us at [email protected]


AAERO Expands to Myrtle Beach

AAERO has expanded locally to Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Myrtle Beach and South Carolina in general is a place I’ve always loved. The people are kind, the business owners are passionate, and the community is welcoming.”

Sean Michael — AAAERO

AAERO opened its doors locally on November 1, 2020 in South Myrtle Beach at 5901 S Kings Hwy. Sean Michael, AAERO Founder & CEO will be working remotely to launch the market from November 1, 2020 – Dec 1, 2020.

The Myrtle Beach location will focus on Myrtle Beach SEO and communication services for locally owned businesses who are tourism based.

Additional services offered from that location will include Crisis Communications, Reputation Management, and paid advertising.


New Social Media Platform Designed to Help America’s Travel Full-Time in an RV

DENVER, Colo — Full Time RVing today announced the launch of its social media platform designed to help Americans see America in an RV this year.

“ is a social media platform designed to help connect and better the lives of Full-Time RVers by making connections designed around income,” said Sean Michael, Chief Information Officer, at “One of the biggest questions asked in RV forms is how to make money so individuals and families can explore America in an RV and not only meet but exceed their financial obligations.”

Full Time RVing helps connect freelancers with gigs, job seekers with ‘full-time friendly jobs,’ and content creators with unique affiliate marketing opportunities. In addition, Full-Time RVing paid members to have access to coaching which includes assistance in starting virtual small-businesses and making passive income through various other ideas and strategies.

“The RV industry has an endless amount of opportunities,” said Michael. Membership services like Harvest Hosts and RV product retailers like Camping World will pay you to market their products, services, and memberships.”

RVers are known for their YouTube channels, Instagram profiles, and Facebook pages, some of which have tens of thousands of followers. Recently, did a review on the Speedway Leger, an electric scooter which in a few short months has generated over 8,000 views in a few short months. is taking things a step further by allowing content creators to leverage the traffic and search engine power to promote their reviews ultimately giving them a platform to thrive.


How to Remove a Bad YouTube Video from Google, YouTube

Finding an unflattering YouTube video in Google’s search engine result pages, or even on YouTube itself can be detrimental to your reputation and livelihood. Over the years we’ve had a lot of individuals and businesses alike contact us because of negative video content online. We’ve seen negative content placed by competitors with disparaging, false information all the way to embarrassing videos from one’s youthful, wild past on an uncontrolled or rouge account.

Can a YouTube Video Be Removed?

Yes! YouTube videos in many cases can be removed but getting it accomplished can be a tricky task. For example; copyright infringement claims resulting in a DMCA takedown request or finding a hole through a violation of YouTubes Terms of Service.

If a YouTube Video Cannot Be Removed, What’s Next?

If you cannot remove a YouTube video due to non-actionable TOS violations etc, AAERO leverages a highly concentrated, proven method to burry the offending content so far down in YouTube and/or Google Search Engine Result pages the likelihood someone will see it is sparse.

Let’s take Camping World as an example. The term “Camping World” according to SEM Rush generates over 2.2 million searches per month.

At AAERO, our Search Engine Optimizations know algorithms (especially Google etc) very well and we can ‘feed the beast.’ Feed the beast (Google) the food it needs to replace the negative content online.

Feeling motivated? Give us a call today at 303-731-6588 or email [email protected] for more info.


The Complete Guide to Removing Negative News Articles

Have you searched for your name or your business and found unflattering news articles online? Bad news articles can linger on the web for many years and haunt you or your business indefinitely.


CALL: 303-731-6588

The good news is, you don’t have to let negative news ruin your life. While some suggest there is no real remedy to recover from a bad online reputation after a negative media attack – there are ways to clear your name, or your businesses name.

Will News Website’s Delete Content?

99% of the time, news websites will refuse to delete negative content. For one, deleting or changing original news content is a journalism ‘no no’ and in fact, some professional organizations will ban journalist from membership if it’s known they change or delete content as it negatively affects journalistic integrity, so they say.

Luckily, if a news website refuses to take down their negative content about you or your business, we still have options.

Negative SEO

Negative SEO has become a popular service as of late. Negative SEO is a service designed to ‘trick’ major search engines like Google into thinking a particular website is violating their webmaster guidelines in hopes that the search engine or engines will penalize the page resulting in it being dropped from their search engine result pages.

Does Negative SEO work? Rarely. In addition, it can have the reverse effective ultimately helping the offending page/site rank better.

Recently, a client came to us because an ex-employee had built a defamatory website about them. The client hired a ‘Negative SEO Specialist’ who built thousands of links to the offending website hoping that Google would penalize it, but the opposite happened. The negative website ranked better, and was more powerful (in search engines eyes) then ever before.

Online Reputation Management

The safest and most effective form of removal isn’t actually even removal. Online Reputation Management leverages highly sophisticated search engine optimization strategies combined with a mass influx of media distribution strategy. The result of this includes a mass influx of positive news saturation combined with an effective search engine optimization strategy designed to improve the search engine placement of positive results while ultimately burying the negative news pages. This tactic is the fastest, most effective, and most efficient way to bury negative press.

At AAERO we work with a variety of clients coming from vast situations and backgrounds essentially, to restore their good reputation through effective and ethical processes. While many “Online Reputation Management” provides deal mainly with review management, we specialize in the removal and/or suppression of highly authoritative websites from Google and other search engines. This is one of the reasons that AAERO has grown to be the premier partner for many PR firms, reputation management and even SEO companies when it comes to cleaning up ones reputation.

Terms of Use Violations

Another effective way we’ve been able to get articles removed from the internet are from Terms of Use service violations. Due to our deep understanding of T.O.S and how search engines work, we are able to in many cases make a case that a particular page, or website violates T.O.S in one way or another and get that particular article deleted.

Copyright Infringement

In many times, publishers and or writers violate various copyright laws therefore AAERO may pursue a DMCA takedown request. Ultimately, this involves proving copyright infringement and having Google or the respective publisher delete the content in question.

At AAERO, we have a lot of tools in our toolbox to get content suppressed or removed. We encourage you to contact us at the email below to see if AAERO is right for you!

Questions? Email [email protected] today.

Stressed businesswoman Frustrated and upset in business pressure

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Everyone has an online reputation. Unfortunately, you may have made an embarrassing mistake in your past or present resulting in unflattering search engine results. Or, perhaps you have a competitor or an unscrupulous person from the past that has put out negative PR or even defamatory websites designed to destroy your livelihood.

Online Reputation Management allows you to take control of your reputation online. This can be how you appear in major search engines like Google or even review websites like Yelp and others. ORM allows you to break the vicious cycle that comes with ignoring your online reputation whereas you’ve fallen victim to an endless cycle of misinformation and rumors.

Online Reputation Management comes in various forms so it’s crucial to know who might be the best partner for you.

Review Management (General ORM)

Does your business have a never ending supply of negative reviews on popular directories like Yelp, CitySearch or others? This type of Online Reputation Management typically includes setting up a review solicitation platform as well as moderation and/or removal of bad reviews when possible. Whether your competitor is trying to take you out of business, or a customer is recruiting all of their friends to leave harsh reviews you’ll want to be prepared to spend the time necessary to combat the damage.

Search Engine Reputation Management

Search Engine Reputation Management (SERm) is what AAERO specializes in. Unlike Review Management, SERm requires deep technical understanding of how algorithms work and rank websites. The search engine result pages could contain bad publicity either directly, or indirectly related to your brand. When someone performs a Google search, they’ll likely see something that will make them think twice about working with you, or your brand.

Regardless of your needs, AAERO can help you. We’re happy to provided you with a confidential, non-judgmental consultation. Call now at 303-731-6588.


This CBD Company Has Grown 11,495% Over the Past 3 Years

Colorado-based CBD Oil manufacture, NuLeaf Naturals secured another spot in the top 20 fastest growing companies in the United States. At #16, NuLeaf Naturals drew in a staggering 11,495% growth down just .494% from 2018.

Fans looking to buy CBD oil will likely stumble upon NuLeaf. NuLeaf offers a handful of carefully crafted products including Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Tinctures, CBD Oil for Dogs, and CBD Capsules.

Helping People Live a Happier, Healthier Life

Since 2014 NuLeaf Naturals has been committed to creating the world’s highest quality CBD products in their most pure and potent form. Our full-spectrum CBD oil contains no additives and the only ingredient is organic hemp. Our mission is to create premium cannabinoid wellness products we would not only take ourselves but also share with our family and friends.

NuLeaf Naturals is one of America’s top pioneering hemp companies. Founded by a group of plant medicine aficionados, our vision is to pave the way for a line of cannabinoid wellness products that promote a healthy body and mind.

Discovered in 1940, CBD (short for cannabidiol) is one of 113 identified cannabinoids in the Cannabis sativa plant, commonly known as marijuana. Accounting for up to 40% of the plant’s extract, CBD is used today in products, such as edibles and oils, to treat a variety of ailments and impart a sense of calm and relaxation. 

Because of its popularity, CBD has become one of the most saturated products in America.