If you’ve received a manual action from Google there’s a good chance it’s due to deceptive link practices. Whether intentional, or not – you’ll need to remove as many links as possible before filling your reconsideration request.

Chances are your website might be flooded with a large number of automatic, paid or spam links.

There are three different ways to remove links and get back in Google’s good graces.

First, if you want to keep the Google penalty, you have to prove to Google that your webpages are actually spam. This can take some time and even require the assistance of a specialist. It is not the best option if you are new to marketing as this will only place your links at risk for even more penalty notices.

To remove the spam, create a website for your business with the correct search engine optimization (SEO) keywords. Once your web pages are ready, submit them to the major search engines. If you use your own domain name, Google will also be able to detect it. If you cannot do this manually, then you can hire a SEO company to help you remove all of the links. This will require some budget and time, but it will be worth it when Google finds that your pages are legitimate.

You may need to add a text link that explains why the page was removed from the ranking. Some of the spam sites have the same texts as real websites so you should be careful to make sure your link mentions the actual page name or the title of the website. Make sure you include your website address in the text link to avoid penalties.

If you have had a hard time removing some links on your own, then you can ask the assistance of a professional SEO expert. You can start by sending him a private message asking for help. Be honest about your problem and request a solution. There are some companies that offer SEO link services. You can choose one that suits your requirements best.

There are other ways to prevent spam sites from indexing your webpages. First, avoid placing links on your pages that have been submitted to directory listings. Directory submissions are done by software, so it is not possible for humans to check for spam links. Therefore, your site may be indexed for up to thirty days after submitting it to directories without your knowledge.

Secondly, you can register your domain name in a number of popular search engines. The more search engine traffic your site gets, the more chance it will be indexed. However, some webmasters still prefer to have their links directly included in their website.

You can also use software to monitor your website. This kind of software will send you an email every time it receives a complaint about your links. It is up to you to either respond to or ignore the complaint. If you do not want to deal with spams, then learn to avoid them.

There are also techniques you can apply to reduce the amount of spam you get. Make sure that you never reply to spam comments. Spam comments often come from people who just want to steal your links and post them on their websites. If they find out that you are aware of their activities, you will have no choice but to delete backlinks to their websites. Do not allow spam to sway your business goals.

You can also build quality links by joining forums and discussion boards related to your niche. When you participate in these forums, keep your links and your signature intact. Also, try joining forum threads that are about your niche topic. By participating in forums and posting thoughtful replies, you will start to build a reputation for yourself as an expert in your field.

Once you have done all this, you will have more credibility than anyone who contributes to the forum. The less you spam, the better it is for your site. The best thing about doing all these things is that it takes very little time. It is not like paying someone else to do all the work for you. If you want to earn more money from your site, you need to get rid of spam as soon as possible.