Link Audits, Disavow and Penalty Recovery

When a website links to another website that link can be treated as a vote or an endorsement. Typically, a link includes anchor text, that is hyperlinked to a specific page, or site. The link allows the website user to understand what the page that is linked is about. Links and anchors are also important signals for search engines.

Search Engines, like Google, assign a ‘grade’ to respective web pages which are calculated through on-page signals, as well as links. Google created the first proprietary ranking algorithm known as PageRank. It is named after both the term “web page” and co-founder Larry Page. PageRank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages.

Link Audits

Whether your website is struggling to improve positioning in Google, you’ve received a manual action (penalty) or you simply want to better understand the health and potential of your website, a link audit is a great place to start. At AAERO, we provide our clients with an unmatched understanding of their site’s health as well as recommendations to improve your link portfolio quality to improve your site’s rankings and experience.

What’s included?

  • Detailed Link Report
  • Toxic Link Audit (Identify spammy links and reccomendations to remove, or have them ignored).
  • Paid Links Audit (Identify porettial harmful links created by SEOs or Deceptive Link Practices).
  • Negative SEO Review