Air Show Planning & Promotion

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Planning an air show is extremely time consuming and requires a lot of details. From contracting air show acts, safety & security, food/beverage & concessions, air space, accommodations, ticketing, media & PR, marketing – the list goes on. Regardless of your requirements, you can rest assured that AAERO has the expertise required to make the perfect event happen.

AAERO Aviation Event Services

– Complete Air Show Planning
– Complete Air Show Marketing & PR
– Event Ticketing & more

Proud Members of:

International Council of Air Shows

Airshow Planning

Meticulous planning including acts, food, entertainment, security, airspace,  hospitality and more!

Event Promotion

Are you ready to have everybody know about your airport event? Discover AAERO Event Marketing Services.

Pilot Group Events

Scheduling fly-ins and pilot association events have never been easier!

International Council of Air ShowsAirshow Planning & Promotion

At AAERO we understand the importance of having an event marketing & promotion company you can trust. With thousands of prospective visitors relying on an excellent experience, having the partner you can rely on is critical.

Airshow Event Coordination

Whether you’re a general aviation airport, or an event promoter looking for the experience necessary to create the best aviation event yet, you can rely on AAERO. AAERO’s air show event coordinators deliver the experience, energy, and passion required to deliver the perfect event for your airport, and community.

Airshow Event Marketing

Airshows are a tremendous special and a great way to generate added interest and revenue for an airport. Unforeutnly, most airshows are severely under-attended because most find out about them when it’s too late. At AAERO, we’ve compiled the perfect blend of both online, and offline marketing to ensure your event is a success.

Services Include:

– Search Engine Marketing
– Social Media Awareness & Marketing
– Off & Online PR Campaign
– Email List Generation & Newsletter Marketing
– Localized and Online Promotions for Engagement & Added Visibility

Additional services include coordination and/or marketing for Fly-Ins and other industry special events. To learn more, email Rachel Doherty at [email protected]

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