Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend the annual Freedom Boat Club of Myrtle Beach (Grand Strand) St. Patrick’s Day event at the Harbourgate Marina in North Myrtle Beach. It was fantastic.

Owner Chris Speckman Serving his Smoked Sliders at Freedom Boat Club

CO-Owner Chris Speckman jumped behind the smoker and served up what some would recall as the ‘tastiest smoked sliders one’s pallet could experience,’ to Freedom Boat Club Members. According to Speckman, there were about 100lbs of brisket that cooked throughout the night for the Reuben sliders.

Karen Berry, Membership Executive greets Freedom Boat Club member attendees

The event kicked off around 5:00 P.M and had dozens of attendees sharing stories about just about everything from boating adventures to flying and sharing more about what they look forward to most this summer while out on the open water.

What is Freedom Boat Club?

Freedom Boat Club is the largest membership boat club with over 30 years of experience. With over 250+ locations, members will enjoy reciprocal access in the U.S Canada and France. One of the perks to joining a boat club like Freedom vs. ownership is the club takes care of the maintenance, cleaning, insurance and storage.

Freedom Boat Clubs fleets vary by location but generally include bowriders pontoons, offshore/inshore fishing boats (center consoles) deck boats and wake boats.

Finally, besides having your pick of boats that fit your needs for the day Freedom offers 1-on-1 training by licensed captains and includes insurance coverage of liability for hull and machinery.

How much does a Freedom Boat Membership Cost?

According to, a Freedom Boat Club membership has an entry fee around $5,349 and monthly dues of around $349 per month. Again, this may vary by location and fleet.

The draw to boat clubs like Freedom Boat Club is it’s low cost of entry in comparison to purchasing a similar boat which can cost $35,000 to well over $100,000+.

Interested in learning more about memberships and current specials? Call Karen from Freedom Boat Club today at 843-882-4233.