We help businesses, brands, and invidiously fight back against defamatory, unethical, and unflattering content listed on GripeO.com.

GripeO is an online complaint site that allows anyone to anonymously trash just about anyone or anything they want.

Sound familiar? The GripeO model isn’t anything new. Remember RipOffReport (RoR)?

At first glance, you’d think GripeO was unbias. Why? When you visit their site, the first thing you see is “Honest, In-depth, Accurate & Unbiased Reviews,” however, GripeO is anything but honest, accurate, or unbiased. To test the site out, we anonymously submitted an accurate, unbiased review that was quickly deleted from the pending queue.

The problem with sites like GripeO is they have no moderation (besides deleting positive reviews) and they allow anyone to say anything about anyone. Like RipOffReport, GripeO is likely protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

“The law states that sites like Ripoff Report aren’t publishers, like newspapers, which could be sued for libel for printing falsehoods. Rather, the law treats Ripoff Report and sites as carriers, like Google or Yahoo, which aren’t legally liable for what outsiders post on the site,” said Aaron Minc, Founder & Attorney at Minc Law.

How to Remove / Delete Content from GripeO.com

  1. Contact aaero for a free, confidential consultation immediatly.
  2. Call aaero and speak with one of our professional, on-site reputation SEO specialist at 843-833-0211 to discuss available options to remove and/or suppress content from GripeO. You MAY have options to have the content appearing on GripeO to be removed from Google.

For the past 20 years, we’ve been dealing with sites like GripeO for clients of all sizes. We realize there are bad people out there who have nothing better to do than try and ruin the lives of others.

Why You Should Trust AAERO

The Online Reputation Management Experts at AAERO have appointed and testified as experts in various federal lawsuits regarding SEO and reputation management. We can not only successfully reverse the damage done by these clowns, but we can in many cases compile a report that uncovers who they are so you can take legal against the losses should you decide to do that.

Don’t want, GripeO is actively building links to continue to propel the visibility of garbage on businesses around the globe. Contact us today to determine what recourse you have to fight back.