Finding an unflattering YouTube video in Google’s search engine result pages, or even on YouTube itself can be detrimental to your reputation and livelihood. Over the years we’ve had a lot of individuals and businesses alike contact us because of negative video content online. We’ve seen negative content placed by competitors with disparaging, false information all the way to embarrassing videos from one’s youthful, wild past on an uncontrolled or rouge account.

Can a YouTube Video Be Removed?

Yes! YouTube videos in many cases can be removed but getting it accomplished can be a tricky task. For example; copyright infringement claims resulting in a DMCA takedown request or finding a hole through a violation of YouTubes Terms of Service.

If a YouTube Video Cannot Be Removed, What’s Next?

If you cannot remove a YouTube video due to non-actionable TOS violations etc, AAERO leverages a highly concentrated, proven method to burry the offending content so far down in YouTube and/or Google Search Engine Result pages the likelihood someone will see it is sparse.

Let’s take Camping World as an example. The term “Camping World” according to SEM Rush generates over 2.2 million searches per month.

At AAERO, our Search Engine Optimizations know algorithms (especially Google etc) very well and we can ‘feed the beast.’ Feed the beast (Google) the food it needs to replace the negative content online.

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