If you’ve been arrested you might be surprised to see your mugshot floating around the internet. The publishing location of your mugshot plays a critical role in whether you can remove the mugshot, or simply suppress it. 

Innocence Doesn’t Matter

Regardless of opinion, no one can guarantee the removal of your mugshot regardless if you were proven innocent, or found guilty.  In order to better understand your chances of getting the mugshot removed, you need to understand more about the site it’s published to. 

  1. Mugshot Aggregates: Mugshot Aggregators scrape public records and publish mugshots to their site. Many will accept a fee to remove the mugshot, others will not. 
  2. News Websites: In order to keep varying journalist integrity standards, news websites will in most cases, not remove, alter or change websites or articles. If your record has been expunged a lawyer might be able to help you. Hiring a lawyer to have your mugshot removed from the internet can be very costly and results are not usually guaranteed. AAERO has a plethora of ‘outside of the box tools available to remove mugshots from the internet. If one of those solutions isn’t a good fit for your situation, we can burry the article leveraging our proprietary search engine optimization tactics.