Greg Elson, Centennial Custom Decks
Greg Elson of Centennial Custom Decks Enjoys Breakfast at Cattilac Bar & Grill in Cheynne, WY

Cheyenne, WY is one of our favorite little get-a-ways. For those who do not know, AAERO is based out of Centennial Airport (KAPA) and we try to, as much as we can, take a venture outside our bubble. This morning, we took our friend Greg Elson (owner of Centennial Custom Decks) who is a die-hard aviation fan for a small, cross country flight to Cheyenne (KCYS). Our little 1961 Piper Cherokee fly’s most of the time, like a gem with the exception the past two trips to Cheyenne.

The first time Legend AeroServe bent over backward for us was maybe 3 months ago when we were returning from a flight from Casper Airport (KCPR). When we were just west of Cheyenne our ammeter quickly started pulling negative amps so we quickly diverted our plans to KCYS. This was the first time we met Legend who quickly referred us to Wings of Wyoming (flight school located a few doors down.)

This ‘shout-out’ is for Legend but we also have to throw in a special thanks to Don Feltner from Wings of Wyoming. I came in his front door to find his A&P was out and without hesitation he called him in to take a look at my PA-28. Within an hour or so the plane was fixed (cable from alternator broke off.)

Piper Cherokee PA-28Let’s get back to Legend AeroServe. While Don and his A&P were diligently working on the alternator, Legend AeroServe was helping me keep my anxiety at bay with friendly conversations and a welcoming lobby filled with tasty snacks and coffee. After I realized there was no way to get my plane back before the storms, Legend helped me out by taking my plane into one of their hangers, out of harm’s way.

The second time I used Legend AeroServe was today when I took Greg (above) there for breakfast at the terminal. Upon returning to the plan, the Piper was hesitant to start. After a few tries, the battery was obviously dead (no we did not leave on the Master or any electronics) so the AeroServe team promptly came out to first see if they could give us a jump, but upon request later helped prop start the Piper which did the trick.

If you find yourself near Cheyenne WY and need a nice clean bathroom, a few friendly faces, or even a great place to fuel up and take a break be sure to drop into Legend AeroServe.

P.S. This is not a paid advertisment 🙂