Owning a business like a fishing charter in a city like Murrells Inlet, South Carolina that caters primarily to tourists can be challenging, especially during the ‘off-season.’

According to Google, there are roughly 40 local fishing charters that call Murrells Inlet home. On average, Murrells Inlet will an average of 2,300 searches per month for terms for keywords around Murrells Inlet Fishing Charters. If you rank #1 in Google for most of these keywords, a website is likely to snag around 1,300 of the search engine users. As of now, the top-ranked websites appear to be booking services like FishingBooker.com. The first local charter that shows up is Murrells Inlet Fishing Charters which shows up for around 168 keywords snagging about 253 search engine users from Google per month which accounts for about 0.01% of market share for their 168 targeted terms.

Partner with AAERO

If you’re one of the 40 fishing charters in the Murrells Inlet area, partnering with AAERO will give you a significant competitive advantage over your competitors.

  1. We’re Local — AAERO’s Founder & CEO recently moved to Murrells Inlet. As a fishing enthusiast and tourism marketing guru, Murrells Inlet was the perfect choice for home-base.
  2. Experience Matters – Because of its popularity, everyone offers online marketing services whether they have experience or not. At AAERO, we got into online marketing well before it became popular. In fact, AAERO’s CEO Sean Michael is a federally appointed expert witness in U.S. District Court for high-profile SEO and Online Marketing related cases and has consulted major online businesses from Amazon.com’s Alexa.com, Home Advisor, Lending Tree, Shell Oil, Chipolte Mexican Grill among others.
  3. Loyalty Matters – At AAERO, we have clients we’ve been working with for over 17 years. We understand that a relationship is more than just an engagement, it’s a partnership where we grow together.

If you’re a fishing charter in Murrells Inlet and are looking to outwit, and outsmart your local competition – shoot us an email or give us a call. For a minimal fee (or even in trade) we’d be happy to provide you a detailed competition analysis essentially uncovering all of your competitions online marketing and strategies.

Feeling motivated? Give Sean a call or email today at [email protected]

TIP: The #1 Keyword for the greater myrtle beach area by monthly search volume is: Deep Sea Fishing Myrtle Beach.

How does your website rank for this highly competitive term?