Imagine traveling to your favorite destination to fish and instead of dropping potentially, thousands of dollars on a paid charter, you can pull up an app on your phone and find local, highly skilled recreational fishermen who are willing to take you out with them for free? While it’s not required, we recommend offering to split fuel cost which will leave reelmates™ fishing for less!

reelmates / reel mates

How reelmates™ got its start

The idea of reelmates™ was born by its Founder, Sean Michael after moving from landlocked Colorado to Myrtle Beach, SC to live his dream on the water.

Shortly after moving to Myrtle Beach Sean purchased a Sea Pro 259 DLX. While Sean was no stranger to fishing, he was newer as an operator and angler to inshore and offshore fishing. Seeking help, Sean jumped on a various local fishing forums seeking advice, tips etc. Many of the local anglers were not helpful, most of them offered rude responses claiming they had spend a lifetime learning the local waters and unless he paid them, they were not interested in helping or offering advice.

In fact, one local charter captain trolled him trying to suppress any effort to do a business in the saltwater fishing industry in Myrtle Beach.

Later, Sean met a local angler offline who had fished the area his entire life. He knew the waters well, and was an avid fishermen. After talking, Sean realized this local fishing expert was dying to go offshore and was eager to trade out his fishing knowledge for fishing offshore with Sean. The rest was history.

Reelmates™ (Reel Mates) was born to connect and network anglers of skill levels and needs. Like Sean, there are a lot of boat owners who are looking for fishing buddies. In retrospect, there are a lot of anglers who don’t have boats but would be more than welcome to go out with someone who does and chip in on gas (while not required).

That’s where the reelmates™ slogan was born; fish more, spend less.

At reelmates™ you get to fish more because in many cases, operating cost can be shared among mates. You’ll ultimately spend significantly less than a charter.

While the reelmates app is getting its final touches, a Myrtle Beach reelmates Facebook Group was recently created to help mates connect today. Join now, it’s free.