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AAERO delivers access to hundreds of airports globally. As America’s premier luxury private jet charter, you can get anywhere, anytime with simplicity and luxury. AAERO has revolutionized the charter jet industry by getting you faster to your destination for less. Our travelers realize that comfort, practicality and speed is more important as their time is invaluable. Waiting at commercial airports with tedious screening and wait lines is not an option.

The AAERO team are pilots. We understand the value in having only the best pilots and crew available to you.

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Getting a charter quote has never been so easy. Tell us about your needs, and we’ll do the rest!

Empty Leg Flights

Empty Leg Flights are a tremendous value. Get to where you need quickly, and affordably.

Private Charter Planes

Do you have a little extra time and not flying quite as far? Booking a charter plane is a quick, affordable alternative.

Welcome to AAERO Private Jet Charters

Finding the perfect charter jet for your needs just got easier. AAERO brings global travel to your fingertips. Whether you’re flying for business, or pleasure you can rest assured you’re in the best hands with AAERO.

AAERO Private Jet Charters are completely catered to your needs. We offer a variety of concierge services to ensure your travel plans are seamless. Whether you’re looking to add on hotels, or cars or even special events – AAERO can do it all.


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AAERO will find the best possible private aircraft for all of your aviation needs. We’ve been America’s leader in charter jets delivering our clients the best prices and experience available. We offer unprecedented confidence and flexibility for all of your private jet and travel needs.

  • Eliminate any ownership related contract payments with luxury private jets
  • Select the most suitable aircraft for your trip
  • Get cost savings and lower private jet prices with Empty Leg Flights
  • Get the right private plane anywhere, anytime, anyplace
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