Every kid wants to be a pilot. In fact, many adults I talk to do as well. Then why does the general aviation industry seem to be experiencing a slow, painful death?  Let’s first take a look at the numbers.

In 1980 there were 827,000 pilots. In 2016 the number dropped to 584,362, a net loss of 242,638 pilots. Over 36 years we’ve averaged a loss of about 6,740 pilots per year or 18.5 per day. At that rate the aviation industry as we know it will be non-existent in 86 years.

According to BoldMethod.com, 80% of student pilots don’t complete their training. The top 3 reasons are 1. lack of structured training, 2. finances and 3. medical problems.

At AAERO – we believe the aviation industry has been severely neglected by those within it. We’ve personally experienced the challenges of training. Most CFI’s we’ve met are not committed to training and are simply looking for a quick way to build time while someone else pays for it so they can capture the 1,500 hour ATP requirement.

The aviation industry as a whole needs to step up. Fellow pilots need to share their passions with their friends, family, kids, cub scout groups etc, while general aviation airports, and businesses need to re-focus on the communities they serve. Together we can help general aviation thrive again. If not, aviation as we know it will RIP by 2103.

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