Searching for a Pawleys Island Golf Cart Dealer?

Riptide Ridez is a golf cart dealer that recently opened its doors in Pawleys Island, SC. Naturally, after living on Pawleys Island for nearly two years, it was time to consider a golf cart. Golf carts are a convenient way to get around the Litchfield / Pawleys Island way that is eco-friendly and, quite frankly, a blast.

I started my search where many consumers do. Facebook and Google. Facebook Marketplace was an excellent place to start looking at brands and pricing. Since most of the carts on Facebook Marketplace are for sale by the owner, I couldn’t get the answers I was looking for. That’s when I started my search for a reputable dealer in and around myrtle Beach.

360° Interactive Tour — Riptide Ridez – Star Cirrus 2+2

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Being regular shoppers at Publix in Pawleys Island, we saw Riptide Ridez regularly, so I made it a point to go in. Rick Wood greeted me and was eager to tell me the pros and cons of each brand sold. He talked to me about what a ‘Street Legal Golf Cart’ was and the various registration options in Georgetown County. For example, if you register your cart as an LSV (Low-Speed Vehicle), you would be prohibited from going onto Pawleys Island. LSVs are allowed to drive at night, and while you still must stay on roads with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less, there were no travel distance restrictions. For me, Pawleys Island is less than a mile away, and I couldn’t see myself traveling at night, so it made sense to register my LSV (Bintelli 6PR) as a golf cart rather than a street-legal LSV. That being said, I love the safety features that the LSV has (windshield wipers, seatbelts, headlights, turn signals, etc.).

My overall experience was so good that I decided to make a purchase right then and there. I went with the Bintelli Beyond 6PR, black on black — thankful I did.

The Bintelli Beyond 6PR has been an excellent ride thus far (1 month later). Since purchasing it I’ve hit 300 miles on the odometer and have had zero issues.

If you’re searching for a golf cart dealer in Myrtle Beach or Pawleys Island, consider checking out the locally owned and operated Riptide Ridez. You’ll be glad you did!