Managing an SEO campaign takes both in-depth understanding and experience to ensure you’re maximizing your return. Whether you’ve outsourced your SEO efforts to a 3rd party vendor, or you’ve hired an in-house guru, AAERO can partner with you to ensure you’re getting the results you’re paying for. 

Outsourced SEO Management

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization can be complex. Because of that, most SEOs know that in most cases, a client may not know how much time they actually dedicate to their campaign. You might be surprised to learn that in some cases, SEOs do nothing. 

For the past 21 years, AAERO has been helping businesses just like yours thrive online. And now, we’re pleased to offer our outsourced SEO management program that allows you to take control over your SEO efforts. With the AAERO Outsourced SEO Management program, we act as your in-house SEO manager. We review all of the work completed by the SEO vendor in accordance with SEO best practices. Additionally, we ensure that the SEO is actually doing what they are saying and adhere to the contractual terms. 

What’s Included

1. A dedicated ‘in-house’ SEO expert who has your best interest in mind. 
2. A SEO Expert who can ensure deliverables, review contracts, reports and the quality of work being performed. 
3. Uncover campaign goals and ensure the partner is a valuable asset to accomplish those goals. 
4. A true partner. 

No Conflict of Interest

AAERO is an SEO provider so would managing an outside vendor be a conflict of interest?

In order to ensure no conflict all Outsourced SEO Management clients have a contractual 1-year cool down period from engaging AAERO in SEO services. This promotes transparency with our partners, clients and affiliates. We believe in order to be the best at both there needs to be a degree of separation between the two offerings. 

How much does SEO Campaign Management Cost?

We offer three different SEO Campaign Management solutions ranging from 25% of SEO campaign spend to custom pricing for a dedicated outsourced SEO Director. 

Our introductory plan is billed at 25% of ad spend. That means, if your SEO budget is $1,000 per month, our fee for that plan would be $250 per month (which is our minimum). Additionally, we have an enhanced SEO Management plan that is billed at 35% of the monthly SEO campaign spend. On a $1,000 per month SEO budget our fee would be $100 more than the 25% SEO Management Essentials plan.