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Site Reviews

Pawleys Island Golf Cart Dealer, Riptide Ridez Review

Riptide Ridez is a golf cart dealer that recently opened its doors in Pawleys Island, SC. Naturally, after living on Pawleys Island for close to two years, it was time to consider a golf cart. Golf carts are a convenient way to get around the Litchfield / Pawleys Island way that is eco-friendly and, quite frankly, a blast.

Pawleys Island has quite a few golf car dealers – so why did we choose to check out Riptide Ridez? First, Riptide Ridez has a super convenient location. It’s nestled in the parking lot of Publix, located off Hwy 17. While their retail location is convenient, their online experience is a bit of a trainwreck; here’s why…

RipTide Ridez Website is Broken

When searching for a golf cart dealer, you want to land on a website with quality images, maybe a virtual tour of the carts, but at the very least, a website accessible to the general public. According to SSL Shopper, the SSL Certificate for Riptide Ridez has expired for 53 days (from when this article was written).

So what, what’s the big deal about an expired SSL Certificate?

First, let’s talk about the obvious. When you go to any indexed, formally secure version of the site (HTTPS), you get this lovely “Your connection is not private” error. Most consumers who land on this page will leave and go to the following site that works. The “Connection is not private error” also comes with this daunting message “Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).”

Those who are more tech-savvy and continue or who reach the non-secure version (HTTP) will land on a site full of broken images…

Looking for more, there are a few more minor issues that should be addressed so consumers like me can get the info they’re looking for…

Google Maps

If you’re located in the Pawleys Island area and you search for Riptide Ridez, you’ll be taken to the North Myrtle Beach Google Business Page. Besides not having a local Google page for Pawleys Island, the phone number on the GMB page doesn’t match the number on the site, something that’s important for local SEO.

Sure, Riptide Ridez makes it extremely difficult for consumers to buy from them, but for the few persistent ones like me or the walk-in traffic, the overall experience is fantastic. We bought our Bintelli Beyond 6 PR from local Pawleys Island resident Rick Wood, a great experience.

Here’s how you can find them even when the internet fails you…