The ONE association EVERY pilot will join…

The ONE association EVERY pilot will join…

General Aviation as we know it is dying. If you look at the numbers, we’re losing pilots much faster than we’re gaining them. For new potential pilots, the cost to obtain a simple PPL is ridiculous and tedious. For current PPLs, fuel cost, maintenance cost (including annuals), outdated technology, and a lack of support from FBOs and GA Airports tops the list. At this rate, aviation as we know it will be non-existent within 80 years.

AAERO is unlike any alliance you’ve seen. We’ve created a membership that scratches the surface when it comes to discounts and perks to encourage pilots to do what they do best, fly. We’ve created an investment fund that delivers fuel discounts, storage discounts, maintenance discounts and tourism discounts all while investing 50% of the dues into a concept to build, and roll out a cost-effective, consistent maintenance shops around the country, develop and launch the AAERO Flight School nationwide which would deliver consistency among CFIs and training while delivering a clear, affordable career path with scholarship opportunities and more.

Imagine this… Your annual is up, you get a couple of quotes from maintenance shops that range from $2K to $5K. What if, a maintenance shop existed where the A&P’s/IA’s were salaried, parts were not marked up, and hourly maintenance fees were consistent and fair?

When you sign up for an AAERO membership you’re investing in innovation and growth all while getting quite a few benefits along the way.

Invest in the future of aviation. Join AAERO.

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