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Featured Video: Krav Maga – Denver, CO

Video production is the process of creating video content for television, cinema, or the internet. It’s the modern-day equivalent of traditional filmmaking using videos recorded digitally. At AAERO we help our clients tell their stories and deliver their messages through professionally produced and edits videos. Whether it’s a short film, a marketing campaign for social media or YouTube, or even an explainer video, AAERO can help.

Shooting a professional video doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. At AAERO we pride ourselves on delivering industry leading video production services designed for small business. In addition to pre and post-production work, our leading marketing team can make sure your video is quickly distributed to the masses through YouTube SEO, Pre-Roll Video Content Ads, Promoted Video, Over the Top TV and much more.


At AAERO we will help ensure your video project is a breeze. After we talk to you about your audience and goals, we’ll help you plan the perfect video for your needs. We will coordinate actors (maybe that’s you!), the shooting schedule as well as the wireframe to ensure the process is seamless.

The amount of footage that you need to capture depends on the number of actors you have, the length of the storyline, and all various other needs.

After the video shot, there is post-production. Post-production includes everything from editing, sound editing, visual effects editing, file transfers, and more. At AAERO we employ the best practices to make sure your video comes out as professional as possible.

Video / YouTube SEO

Do you need help building and promoting your newly formed video? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re looking for a long-term YouTube strategy or quick views and engagement, we can help!

Feeling motivated? Let’s talk about your ideas! Give AAERO a call today at 843-279-4558.

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AAERO Digital Marketing was born in Colorado and recently relocated to beautiful Myrtle Beach. This is a great time to get some great deals on video while we build out our Myrtle Beach video portfolio.