Everyone has an online reputation. Unfortunately, you may have made an embarrassing mistake in your past or present resulting in unflattering search engine results. Or, perhaps you have a competitor or an unscrupulous person from the past that has put out negative PR or even defamatory websites designed to destroy your livelihood.

Online Reputation Management allows you to take control of your reputation online. This can be how you appear in major search engines like Google or even review websites like Yelp and others. ORM allows you to break the vicious cycle that comes with ignoring your online reputation whereas you’ve fallen victim to an endless cycle of misinformation and rumors.

Online Reputation Management comes in various forms so it’s crucial to know who might be the best partner for you.

Review Management (General ORM)

Does your business have a never ending supply of negative reviews on popular directories like Yelp, CitySearch or others? This type of Online Reputation Management typically includes setting up a review solicitation platform as well as moderation and/or removal of bad reviews when possible. Whether your competitor is trying to take you out of business, or a customer is recruiting all of their friends to leave harsh reviews you’ll want to be prepared to spend the time necessary to combat the damage.

Search Engine Reputation Management

Search Engine Reputation Management (SERm) is what AAERO specializes in. Unlike Review Management, SERm requires deep technical understanding of how algorithms work and rank websites. The search engine result pages could contain bad publicity either directly, or indirectly related to your brand. When someone performs a Google search, they’ll likely see something that will make them think twice about working with you, or your brand.

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