AAERO Pilots Club

Elevating Aviation - #ElevateAviation

Welcome to the AAERO Pilot’s Club! AAERO is on a mission to revolutionize and directly financially impact the general aviation industry be making aviation affordable & fun again. We’ve done this through strategic alliances between aviation businesses and destinations alike. Additional, 50% of every dollar collected goes into our ‘AAERO Aviation Impact Investment Fund’ that is designed to allow AAERO to open state-of-the-art flight schools, and maintenance facilities designed to encourage industry growth, and affordability.

Member Benefits:

    • Fuel Discounts – AAERO Members enjoy up to $1.00 off per gallon of 100LL & Jet-A at participating FBOs.
    • No Landing Fees – AAERO Members enjoy no landing fees at participating general aviation airports & FBOs.
    • Discounts on Storage – Do you need to stay longer than planned? Get exclusive member discounts on short and long-term storage with participating FBOs and Airports.
    • Discounts on Food & Local Attractions – Sticking around? Get AAERO only discounts to local restaurants, cafes, and attractions such fishing, snowboarding, golf and more!
    • Priority Access – Get priority access to club cars as well as AAERO sponsored fly-ins, airshows and more.
    • Choice of Cards – AAERO offers individual, family and corporate membership levels & much more!
Individual Membership

Individual Members get access to wholesale pricing aircraft parts, discounted fuel, travel packages and more!

Family Membership

Enjoy the same benefits of the individual membership plus an extra card!

Corporate Membership

Passionate about aviation? The Corporate Membership is our premier investment membership loaded with perks and discounts!

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