Have you searched for your name or your business and found unflattering news articles online? Bad news articles can linger on the web for many years and haunt you or your business indefinitely.


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The good news is, you don’t have to let negative news ruin your life. While some suggest there is no real remedy to recover from a bad online reputation after a negative media attack – there are ways to clear your name, or your businesses name.

Will News Website’s Delete Content?

99% of the time, news websites will refuse to delete negative content. For one, deleting or changing original news content is a journalism ‘no no’ and in fact, some professional organizations will ban journalist from membership if it’s known they change or delete content as it negatively affects journalistic integrity, so they say.

Luckily, if a news website refuses to take down their negative content about you or your business, we still have options.

Negative SEO

Negative SEO has become a popular service as of late. Negative SEO is a service designed to ‘trick’ major search engines like Google into thinking a particular website is violating their webmaster guidelines in hopes that the search engine or engines will penalize the page resulting in it being dropped from their search engine result pages.

Does Negative SEO work? Rarely. In addition, it can have the reverse effective ultimately helping the offending page/site rank better.

Recently, a client came to us because an ex-employee had built a defamatory website about them. The client hired a ‘Negative SEO Specialist’ who built thousands of links to the offending website hoping that Google would penalize it, but the opposite happened. The negative website ranked better, and was more powerful (in search engines eyes) then ever before.

Online Reputation Management

The safest and most effective form of removal isn’t actually even removal. Online Reputation Management leverages highly sophisticated search engine optimization strategies combined with a mass influx of media distribution strategy. The result of this includes a mass influx of positive news saturation combined with an effective search engine optimization strategy designed to improve the search engine placement of positive results while ultimately burying the negative news pages. This tactic is the fastest, most effective, and most efficient way to bury negative press.

At AAERO we work with a variety of clients coming from vast situations and backgrounds essentially, to restore their good reputation through effective and ethical processes. While many “Online Reputation Management” provides deal mainly with review management, we specialize in the removal and/or suppression of highly authoritative websites from Google and other search engines. This is one of the reasons that AAERO has grown to be the premier partner for many PR firms, reputation management and even SEO companies when it comes to cleaning up ones reputation.

Terms of Use Violations

Another effective way we’ve been able to get articles removed from the internet are from Terms of Use service violations. Due to our deep understanding of T.O.S and how search engines work, we are able to in many cases make a case that a particular page, or website violates T.O.S in one way or another and get that particular article deleted.

Copyright Infringement

In many times, publishers and or writers violate various copyright laws therefore AAERO may pursue a DMCA takedown request. Ultimately, this involves proving copyright infringement and having Google or the respective publisher delete the content in question.

At AAERO, we have a lot of tools in our toolbox to get content suppressed or removed. We encourage you to contact us at the email below to see if AAERO is right for you!

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